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Tips from Sociology for Argument and Debate in a Civil Society* *Source • Don't rely on anecdotal evidence; use empirical research to support your points • Find data from credible sources, like peer-reviewed journals or trusted government agencies and research organizations • Use direct quotations, facts, and fi gures to bolster your arguments • When generalizing from statistics, make sure the sample size is large enough to justify your conclusions • Think about the assumptions and biases— including your own—that underlie all studies • Be a good listener; take note of opposing arguments • Don't attack your opponents • Know your audience; state your arguments in a way they will understand • Use relevant examples to bring your arguments to life • Be willing to admit when you are wrong or uncertain about your results " In a society that often addresses vital issues in sound bites and tweets, it is important to develop the skills and knowledge to evaluate issues critically and build evidence-based arguments." Learn more at

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