10 Tips for Overcoming Speech Anxiety

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Visit to learn more. 1 Use a Game Plan. Follow a series of easy, practical steps to achieve speaking success. 2 Prepare, Prepare, Prepare. Preparation and rehearsal are your keys to an effective public speaking performance. 3 The More You Do it, the Easier it Gets. Do more than read and talk about public speaking. Speak again and again to build self-confidence. 4 Train to Handle the Pressure. Confront your feelings and face your fears to gain a competitive edge. 5 Use Systematic Desensitization. Tense and then relax your muscles to grow calmer. Strike a powerful pose to lower your stress. TIPS FOR OVERCOMING SPEECH ANXIETY * 10 * From the authors of: THE PUBLIC SPEAKING PLAYBOOK THIRD EDITION Teri Kwal Gamble Michael W. Gamble 6 Engage Your Audience. Lean ever so slightly forward. Open your limbs. Welcome the audience into your world to enter theirs. 7 Rely on Thought Stopping and Centering. Thinking a negative thought? Literally, say, "stop!" and then "calm." Take a deep centering breath followed by a strong exhalation to help calm yourself and gain self-control. 8 Visualize a Positive Experience. From start to finish, see yourself succeeding as a speaker. 9 Speak on a Subject You Care About. Passion powers performance. 10 Harness Natural Nervousness. When you turn normal anxiety into positive energy, you become a better speaker.

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