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A model based on buying products from manufacturers and resells them to retailers or the public. A person or business that sells products directly to the public either from a store or a website TYPES OF BUSINESS MODELS Source: Introduction to Business Heidi M. Neck, Ph.D. Christopher P. Neck, Ph. D. Emma L. Murray, BA, H. Dip Looking for more Introduction to Business content to share with your students? Visit The process whereby franchises are sold by an existing business to allow another party to trade under the name of that business FRANCHISING The amount of revenue generated by charging customers payment to gain continuous access to a product or service SUBSCRIPTION The process which generates revenue by advertising products and services. ADVERTISING A model whereby the company connects vendors and buyers on the same platform and sells its services under its own brand. The amount of revenue generated by charging customers fees on the basis of how often goods or services are used The amount of revenue generated by providing professional services on a time and materials contract AGGREGATOR UTILITY AND USAGE PROFESSIONAL The revenue generated by selling or licensing high-quality, exclusive, valuable information to other parties. A way of earning revenue by giving permission to other parties to use protected intellectual property (copyrights, patents, and trademarks) in exchange for fees. A distribution model in which companies offer their applications, software and platforms to customers over the Internet The amount of revenue gained by mixing free (mainly web-based) basic services with premium or upgraded services SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE ( SAAS ) FREEMIUM DISTRIBUTOR RETAILER DATA LICENSING/ SELLING LICENSING

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