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INFLUENCERS ( OR OPINION LEADERS ) customers with a large following who have the power to influence our purchase decisions. RECOMMENDERS people who may evaluate your product and tell the public about it, such as bloggers or experts in an industry. DECISION MAKERS customers similar to economic buyers who have even more authority to make purchasing decisions as they are positioned higher up in the hierarchy. FIVE TYPES OF CUSTOMERS Looking for more Introduction to Business content to share with your students? Visit ECONOMIC BUYERS the customers who have the ability to approve large-scale purchases, such as buyers for retail chains, corporate office managers, and corporate VPs. * Saboteurs are anyone who can veto or slow down a purchasing decision—from top managers, to friends, spouses, to even children. Teen playing a video game Celebrity endorsing the video game in a commercial Blogger writing positive reviews for the video game on a website Buyer for GameStop who decided to stock the video game in the company's stores CEO of the gaming company who decided to buy the game from the game designer END USERS the customers who will actually use your product. EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE EXAMPLE Source: Introduction to Business Heidi M. Neck, Ph.D. Christopher P. Neck, Ph. D. Emma L. Murray, BA, H. Dip

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