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A newly formed organization with limited or no operational history. • eBay • Uber • Airbnb • Apple • Facebook STARTUP ORGANIZATIONS A business organization with operations in multiple countries that sells products and services to customers all over the world. • Walmart • Exxon Mobil • Berkshire Hathaway • Proctor and Gamble An organization that increases its annual revenue faster than its competitors in the same industry or market. • Bear Ma ress • Forever 21 A business which is exempt from paying tax, with the expectation that any generated profi t will be reinvested in the business. • Step Up For Students • Goodwill Industries TYPES OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS We often refer to businesses as organizations but there is an important di‹ erence between the two terms. A business focuses on selling and producing goods while an organization is a group of people formed and structured in a certain way to achieve goals. In other words, people in organizations engage in business tasks and activities to meet organizational objectives. IN THE UNITED STATES, THERE ARE THREE SIZES OF ORGANIZATIONS TYPES OF ORGANIZATIONS Source: Introduction to Business Heidi M. Neck, Ph.D. Christopher P. Neck, Ph. D. Emma L. Murray, BA, H. Dip Looking for more Introduction to Business content to share with your students? Visit MULTINATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS GROWTH COMPANIES NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS SMALL BUSINESSES < 100 employees MIDƒSIZE BUSINESSES between 100—500 employees LARGE BUSINESSES > 500 employees

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