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CORRECTIONS SYSTEM Overview * JAIL ARREST COURT APPEARANCE/ HEARING PLEA BARGAIN OR TRIAL CONVICTION & SENTENCING JAIL JAIL PRISON PROBATION PAROLE ALTERNATIVES TO INCARCERATION REVOCATION OF PAROLE OR PROBATION OR NEW CONVICTION RELEASED PENDING TRIAL 2.2 4.8 Million in Custody** Million under community supervision** * *Correctional Populations in the US, 2012 OUT OF THE SYSTEM INTO SUPERVISION INTO CUSTODY No Charges/ Diversion No Charges/ Diversion Free (Revolving Door***) Successful Appeal (Revolving Door) Free (Revolving Door) Free (Revolving Door) Acquittal ***REVOLVING DOOR refers to cycles of imprisonment, release, reoffending, and reincarceration. UND ER S U PE R V I S I O N I N C UST OD Y *Source: American Corrections, Second Edition February 2018 ISBN: 978-1-5063-6236-6 LEARN MORE AT SAGEPUB.COM

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