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stories alter our BRAIN CHEMISTRY EXPOSITION RESOLUTION CLIMAX OXYTOCIN (social bonding) increases feeling of empathy when we relate to characters CORTISOL (fi ght or fl ight) puts us on high alert as confl ict arises DOPAMINE (rewards) is released if we enjoy the story outcome The arc of a good story keeps us hooked z M OPOPO POPO OPO STORYTELLING boosts learning in the college classroom When we hear FACTS only our language processing centers activate When we hear STORIES multiple areas of the brain are activated Whether the story is HEARD, READ, OR WATCHED our brains are activated just the same STORYTELLING • Creates a stronger connection with students • Relaxes students and lowers barriers • Engages and holds the learner's attention • Gives diffi cult concepts real context • Makes facts more memorable • Encourages students to share their own experiences Stories exist in every culture

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