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Hallmark Features • Chapter-opening and chapter-ending case studies highlight how companies are working towards UN Sustainable Development Goals. • Entrepreneurial Mindset activities ask students to develop the mindset and skillset they need to be successful in their professional careers. • Ethics in Business activities challenge students to address ethical dilemmas, critically evaluate options, and consider the consequences of different decisions. • The Business Impact Project helps students apply what they've learned and gain a holistic understanding of how all the building blocks of business work together. Students choose a business for a project, but instead of creating a traditional business plan as a culminating project, they create an impact PowerPoint ® deck. • Unique chapters on business models and data management and data analytics ensure students have the knowledge they need to succeed in today's business environment. • Demonstrates AACSB guiding principles and standards for business accreditation with integrated coverage of globalization, diversity, technology, ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability. Check out the table of contents and sample chapters at Available in SAGE Vantage, an intuitive learning platform that offers simple course set-up, clean design, reporting tools that make a difference, and tools that ensure student accountability—learn more inside.

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