Six Emerging Leadership Approaches

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* Source: LEADERSHIP Theory and Practice, Eighth Edition Peter G. Northouse FOLLOWERSHIP Shines a spotlight on followers and the role followers play in the leadership process AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP Where the authenticity of leaders and their leadership is emphasized SERVANT LEADERSHIP Puts the leader in the role of servant, who utilizes "caring principles" to focus on followers' needs to help these followers become more autonomous, knowledgeable, and like servants themselves ADAPTIVE LEADERSHIP Where leaders encourage followers to adapt by confronting and solving problems, challenges, and changes DISCURSIVE LEADERSHIP Posits that leadership is created not so much through leader traits, skills, and behaviors, but through communication practices that are negotiated between leader and follower SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP Focuses on leadership that utilizes values and sense of calling and membership to motivate followers Learn more at SIX EMERGING LEADERSHIP APPROACHES*

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